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How to get the best removalist quotes

Getting a quote is simple.

We ask that you complete our online form, which will guide you through the steps one by one.

Remember when supplying us with details for you quote, we can only quote on what you tell us you have to move, we will not presume that you have a vacuum, or some garden tools, or anything else.

We only quote on the list provided, or if your goods are perhaps in a self-storage unit, then we are happy to quote on cubic meters.

Whatever you are moving and no matter where you are moving to and from, rest assured that we will assist you in having a great backload removal.

The best start to arranging your moveĀ  is to complete a removalist inventory.

The best way to let us know exactly what your moving (which means we can then give you the best possible price) is to fill out our inventory form.

Great you say, so whats that actually involve?

The easiest method to get us a list of all your items is by using our online quote inventory form. It asks all the important questions for us to be able to give you our best available price.

Step 1:

If you're tech-savvy, you can use it directly on your Ipad/mobile device, this will save you re-writing the same info twice.

Click here to go directly to our quote form.

If not, grab a pen and paper, write it all down and then use the link above.


Step 2:

Start at one end of the house, (Master bedroom is a great place to start.)

It's usually easier to figure out what you don't need to send and then list everything else rather than working the other way around.

It can take some time, but as long as you're planning in advance it's not going to matter if it takes a day or two to get round to filling it out, so if you have a lot of furniture to move, fill it out bit by bit.

Go through room by room and figure out what you're not taking, then list what's left.

Teaming up with the better half can often make this a much quicker process, one yells out what's going, the other writes it all down/enters it to the quote form.


Step 3:

Once you've submitted your quote, we'll email it back to you, if you're happy with the price then make sure to double-check that you've listed every item you need to move before booking.


Step 4:

Book your move, this can be done either over the phone or like our quote, can also be done directly via our website here:


Step 5:

The cull.


This has to be one of the hardest parts of moving, over the years of living in the same house you accumulate unnecessary belongings that you really should throw away, but you don't because you might use them, one day, maybe...

This is the sort of stuff you don't want to have to pay to move! That sewing machine you bought 3 years ago because you wanted to learn how to make your own outfits, those golf clubs you've used once, that bike your son has been on once in 4 years.

This is the sort of gear that is usually not worth moving. Have a garage sale, you can easily pick up a good wad of cash to use for your removal, or maybe a goodbye party if your moving interstate.

What can't be sold, give away! We all have friends who love your (insert item here) so if you don't want it, give it to them!

Finally, if nothing else, and you really can't even give it away, try the local salvation army (they even collect sometimes) or at worst, make a trip to the local dump.


Step 5:



Start with the non-essentials, for example (winter clothes if its the middle of summer) and as you come up to your collection date, as you no longer need things to pack them away.

It's useful to designate a corner/room for already packed items.

Work your way through the house packing what you definitely will not use until you reach your new home.

Make sure you definitely won't need them, its a nightmare trying to find one item in a pile of boxes.

Make sure to keep an up to date list of how many boxes/what furniture you're putting in your "ready to move" section.

Then as the moving day comes close, pack things as they are no longer needed until there are only the bare necessities left.



Moving out of your home

Whilst you know what you have in your house, we don't. We don't know if your fridge is a massive double door fridge or a tiny 500L fridge. We don't know how big your lounge is, or the size of your TV.

It's up to you to make sure we have all the necessary information to quote on your removal, if you have unusual or over-sized items, you need to tell us.

Also, make sure to note whats outside or in the garden shed, often people forget them.

Don't forget anything, just because every household has a vacuum, we won't automatically include it on your list, unless you tell us, we don't quote it.



Moving into your new home

So you've arrived at your new place, where should you start?

The best thing to do straight away is the beds, not necessarily the entire bedroom, but if nothing else just the actual beds themselves, that way later on in the day after a full day of unpacking you won't have to do them.

Then start with the kitchen, all that unpacking will surely make you hungry/thirsty! Which leads to the next important task, restocking the food supplies.

You can keep all the pantry food, so start there, then visit the local supermarket to grab what you'll need to get you through the next couple days, or do a full shop if you're feeling confident!


Hopefully you've taken our advice from our Moving Checklist and per-arranged your electricity and water to be on before you arrive, if not get this sorted ASAP.

Now you can start working from one end of the house to the other unpacking all the boxes, arranging all the furniture etc, until everything is where it needs to be. Pieces of furniture will probably move every so often until they've found their perfect space, so don't stress too much on getting everything exactly perfect the first time.

We recommend that you leave the outdoor/garage/garden shed to last, they're not the most important areas of the house so they're not as urgent to have unpacked.


Sometime over the next few days, you'll finish all your boxes, rearrange your furniture a few times, and eventually have everything sorted.


Congratulations on completing your move!