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When do we need to pay

We ask for a deposit on booking your move.
Balance of payment is due at uplift of your furniture.

Payment can be made the following ways:
Cash, Money Order, Direct deposit or credit card.
There are surcharges applicable on credit cards, 2% on MasterCard and Visa, 4% on American Express.

What sizes are removalist cartons

Standard removal cartons are approx 650 * 450 * 450
Book cartons are 400 * 300 * 430.
All measurements are in mm

Can you sell me insurance

We do not sell insurance, please try the website below

Moving Insurance

Can you help with storage?

With regard to storage we have two options for you.

We can arrange storage for you, and then we can arrange redelivery from storage to your new home.

Alternatively we can deliver to a Self Storage facility of your choice

If you ask us to arrange storage for you, you will not be able to access your furniture whilst being stored, and normally we require at least a weeks notice for delivery

If however you take the self storage option then you can access your furniture as and when you like as you will have total control.

Can I leave stuff in chest drawers when moving home

We do not recommend leaving anything inside drawers, due to the possibility of damage occurring to the item of furniture, and also something may fall out and get lost.

What if I have less on the day of moving

We cannot reduce the price on the day of your move, as by then we will have allocated that space to you.

Any changes to quotes will need to be notified in writing 3 working days in advance.

Please realise that at most times during the year we only need 3 to 4 working days notice to assist with your move,
therefore it is best to do a final quote 4 days prior and if you are happy proceed and book your move.

What if I have more on moving day

Additional items over the inventory list will be charged at a pro rata rate.

However there may be a limit to the space available on the truck that is sent to move you , so extra items may need to be moved as a separate job.

Another reason to be sure we have all your goods listed when quoting

Another removalist tells me they can insure me why cant you

You must ensure your removalist is properly qualified to offer you insurance. Since the passing of the Financial Services Reform Act (FSRA), it is illegal for any non-qualified person to give you financial advice or sell you a financial product.

Your qualified removalist will be able to offer you a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and a Financial Services Guide (FSG) and answer any questions you have concerning the insurance of your goods whilst in transit, that means between houses.

If a removalist is unable to do this, they may not be qualified to sell you insurance.

Independent insurance is always best and often cheaper

How can i reduce my moving quote

The cost of the moves revolves around the inventory supplied and any access issues to either property, ie stairs, lifts long walks.

So if you move less, or perhaps bring everything to ground floor this will reduce the cost

I have tried to book online and i am having problems

If you are having problems with  our booking page can you please forward the following information and we will book for you

Your quote number

Date you wish furniture to be collected.

At Uplift of Furniture

Name of person
All available contact numbers

For delivery ( If known)

Name of person
All available contact numbers

what should be boxed when moving home

We recommend that any items that can be boxed should be prior to your move.

Loose items are not a good idea when moving home

I want to make changes over time to my quote

I would suggest finalizing your quote a couple of weeks prior to your move, and do a complete list then as we have found that by adding and subtracting items over time the quote tends to get over inflated,

How long do i get insurance cover for?

If you obtained insurance through our recommended supplier, they will not charge you a different price if you say it will be in transit for 30 days or 5.

So I suggest telling them 30 days

This way you know you are covered for all eventualities.
If you wish to know an estimate of transit times, please just reply to your quote