Checklist of what needs to be done for a move.

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There’s so much to organise when it comes to moving interstate. The dog, the phones, the job, kids schools the list is never ending. We’ve compiled a list of things we commonly hear customers mention what needs to be done for a move.

  • Figure out when you need to leave your current property.
  • Book your furniture (and car if required) transport, generally best not to do it on the day you want to leave as a precaution.
  • Book your removal insurance.
  • Figure out how you/your partner/kids/dogs etc are getting there. Are you driving? Flying? Taking a cruise up? Whatever method you’re utilising, get it booked asap.
  • If you’re not flying, you might need to book accommodation along the way, start looking at this as early as possible so
  • Garage Sale, get rid of what you don’t want to keep.
  • Throw away day, our customers often ask us if we want an “insert your unwanted item here.” Unfortunately we generally don’t need them either 😉 so figure out how you’re getting rid of it and if possible, get it done as soon as possible.
  • Get yourself some boxes and start packing the nonessential, If its the middle of summer and you’re moving out of Queensland, chances are you probably won’t need your winter clothes until after the move..
  • Start up a “packed and ready section” often people use their garage or a spare room/corner (ideally by the front door), start piling up things you’ve packed and definitely won’t need until you move, also make sure to keep track of what you are adding to the list. You don’t want to have to pull it all apart just to get a box count.
  • Direct all mail, best to be arrange it to start 4-5 days before your move out date.
  • Get your electricity and water at your new home ready, setting the start date for when you know you’ll be at the house.

I’m sure you’ve probably got something that you need to sort out that isn’t on the list, we’re faced with new questions regarding getting a customers “insert problem here” sorted everyday, so you’re not alone if your problem isn’t here.

We may be able to help, we might have had a similar situation, or a customer ask a question that made us look into something that could help you fix your problem. So give us a call, run us through your problem, and lets see if we can help you fix it.

Checklist of what needs to be done for a move


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